Louis Trichardt

Louis Trichardt, nowadays also known as Makhado, is located in the Limpopo province at the foot of the Soutpansbergen. A place in the Laagvlakte with a subtropical climate where lychees, bananas, mangos and nuts thrive. The picturesque farming village originated here just like so many villages in this area by the Voortrekkers.

Louis Trichardt, on his way to Mozambique, set up his camp here in 1783. Before he moved further north and other Voortrekkers settled here, after a fierce battle with the Vendas who lived here. The Schoemansdal Open Air Museum shows you what it was like when those first pioneers arrived here.
Louis Trichardt is a small place but important because of its location, especially for those traveling through the Kruger National Park. The village itself also has something to offer ..

The Soutpansbergen, so called because there is a large salt lake on the western slopes, have forests where flora and fauna are very varied and diverse. The beautiful and special Baobab also grows here in the hot, inhospitable terrain, with the beautiful mountains in the background. You can spot numerous birds of prey and falcons, but also rare birds of Africa. And furthermore it is the place to look for the shy leopards!

Just outside the village is the Ben Lavin Nature Reserve where you can go mountain biking, hiking and go on a game drive. On the way there you may have time to visit one of the many fruit or nut farms.

The Blouberg Nature Reserve just outside of Louis Trichardt is also a special nature reserve. It has a bird list with more than 225 birds, making it not uncommon to see more than 100 different ones in one day. It has the largest population of Cape vultures and spotting one is almost certain!

Right in the heart of the Soutpansbergen is the sacred lake – Lake Fundudzi – of the Vendas. Mythical stories about ghosts ensure that there are rituals for first visitors to keep the gods and crocodiles happy. But for a spectacular view of the lake, go up to one of the surrounding mountains.

If you want to visit it more, you need permission and you must take into account the customs of the local population.
Also in this area is the Langjan Nature Reserve where you can see the beautiful herds of Gemsbok and of course all kinds of birds, because they cannot be limited to one area.
Do you like the beautifully colored rugs and fabrics of the Venda and Shangaan? Then visit the ‘Madi a Thava’ project where you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs.

The true hiker among you is of course going to walk the Mabudashango hiking trail, good shoes and fitness required because the trip is 53 kilometers long and 4 days of hiking! This beautiful hike is in the Magoebas gorge and goes over the holy land of the Venda and along Lake Fundudzi a place where not every tourist comes by far!

The golfer will of course hit a ball on the Louis Trichardt course, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Limpopo with beautiful trees and grass all year round in very good condition.

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