East London

East London is located in the Eastern Cape province and is located on the Sunshine Coast between the Buffalo River and the Nahoon River. Once started with the name Port Rex and now East London, but also known as Buffalo City.

In 1961 the areas on both sides of East London were officially declared as “Bantu Homelands” Ciskei was created to the west of the city and to the east the Transkei, a time of great unrest during the Apartheid period. Something further came out when Steve Biko, a Pan African Leader, was murdered. Donald Woods was the journalist who reported the murder and that story was later used in Hollywood for the film; Cry Freedom. The statue of Steve Biko is now in a prominent place in front of the East London museum.

The unusual double-deck bridge over the Buffalo River, the zoo, the botanical gardens and the East London Museum, where you can admire the Coelacanth (a prehistoric fish), are next to the beaches the city’s sights. The city center itself has some well-preserved 19th century historic buildings and you will find both German and English influences. In addition, it is a typical African city where the people are friendly and helpful and where you will have a wonderful holiday. In the evening there is plenty of entertainment and you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants and visit a casino or cinema.

East London is sometimes called the Eastern Cape’s surf mecca. On the long white beaches you will find plenty of sunbathers, swimmers and surfers on beautiful sunny days. There are a total of 8 beaches, 3 of which are centrally located and the others a ± 30 minute drive away. If you like water skiing and sailing, you’ve come to the right place and the estuaries and lagoon are a big attraction for fishermen. Sandboarders go to Bonza Bay, where massive dunes provide a spectacle.
The beautifully elongated piece of nature between the Great Kei River and the Tylomnqa is the East London Coast Nature Reserve. Here, among the native vegetation, live beautiful birds and small game. The sea is the place to follow the sardine migration in June and you can see whales here from July to September.
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