Citrusdal is located in the Olifants River Valley in the Western Cape province, between the “Kouebokkeveld” and the Cederberg Mountains. An area where it is all about beautiful native nature, the natural hot water baths, rooibos tea, Buchu and lots of fruit.
The Lower German Reformed Church was established in 1916 to meet the needs of the Olifants River Valley. The church bought part of the Middelpost Farm and a start was made for the village of Citrusdal.

Located between Cape Town and Namibia, it is a beautiful rural place to enjoy peace, space and many citrus orchards. In the village there is a museum that refers to the days of the Khoisan and there you will also find the ‘Sandveldhuisie’, a replica of one of the first houses of Citrusdal, now a place for refreshments and trinkets.

If you are here on the first Saturday of the month, you will probably visit the local market to enjoy seasonal products, but also plenty of fresh home-made jams, cookies and other items made by locals.

The Olifants River is one of the most fish-rich rivers in South Africa and if you buy a fishing license, you can cast your fishing rod here. There are numerous walking and hiking routes around the river in different categories with a length of 15 minutes to 8 hours and extend to 3 days. A relatively short walk is that to the Cederberg Winery, where there is an observatory close to the Dwarsrivier farm. Stargazing is a true experience here! The beautiful nature area that you walk through is guarded by farmers and private landowners and ensures that the Clanwilliam Cedar tree and Cape Leopard are protected.

In the Wild Flower season (Aug-Sept) it is of course wonderful to just drive around, get out and take some pictures and have a picnic in the early spring sun. Hold the sun in your back and the cups of the Namaqua Daisies will turn towards you in search of admiration, light and especially warmth!

And whether you go out on foot or by car or 4×4 (a number of roads in this area are not passable with a normal car), it is of course wonderful to take a trip to one of the many Rock-Art paintings . There are plenty of places in the mountains around Citrusdal where you can see the centuries-old art of Khoi and San people.

Adventurers go rock climbing in the area of Citrusdal to the Wolfberg Arch and Cracks, the Maltese Cross, Tafelberg or Sneeuberg and the less fit among us climb to Maalgat pool and the Stadsaal caves.

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