South Africa Specialist is a participant in the SGR for your financial security. The SGR number of South Africa Specialist is 3213.

It will just happen to you: You have booked a holiday and you are completely in the holiday mood. And then the travel organization where you booked your trip gets into financial trouble or even goes bankrupt. Away vacation! Money away! You shouldn’t think about it?
But even if you are already at your holiday destination, things can go wrong. For example, your stay or the return trip may not have been paid because your travel organization cannot meet the financial obligations.
If you have placed your trip with a travel organization that is affiliated with the Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden or SGR, you do not run any financial risks. Such a safe feeling. If you book your stay at an accommodation yourself, you run the risk. You do not run these risks if you are with South Africa Specialist B.V. books.
In the past 7 years, 70,000 people have been duped because the travel company where they had booked went bankrupt after they had booked and paid for a trip. When victims were booked with an SGR-participating travel organization, they were fully compensated. From 2010-2017, Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) had to deal with 70 bankruptcies of affiliated travel organizations.

Erik Jan Reuver, director of SGR; “These figures show why it is important that people book their dream vacation with a travel organization that is SGR and ANVR participants.

It is not for nothing that people often talk about their dream vacation and if it falls to pieces prematurely, it is reassuring if you can fall back on the GSC.

SGR guarantees travel money prepaid by the consumer. The GSC also ensures, for example, that if the traveler is at the holiday destination and it appears that the travel organization has not paid for the stay or the return trip, this is still arranged by the GSC and the traveler can enjoy it at his holiday destination.

Your travel money safe without extra costs
The GSC guarantees your prepaid travel allowance or – if applicable – ensures that your stay or return trip is still paid.
This only applies if you have booked with an organization that is affiliated with the SGR!
Moreover, booking with an SGR travel organization costs you nothing extra. Always do so!

If you book a trip with us that consists of different parts of the trip, this is a compound trip. All travel components booked with us then fall under our SGR coverage. The coverage applies regardless of your place of residence or nationality. The local provisions of the country where you live apply. The legal provisions may differ per country. Germany still needs a so-called Sicherungsschein.


Because we are participants in the GSC, we have to meet strict financial conditions. You can find our registration on the website of the GSC under the name South Africa Specialist (no. 3213).

SGR gaurantee for groups
The coverage of the Guarantee Foundation applies to bookings for group travel. You must then have each participant invoice us and pay us directly. If this does not happen, the GSC will consider you as a travel agency. Because you are not a SGR participant according to the SGR conditions (so a NON SGR travel agency) you are not entitled to a SGR benefit.