Krugersdorp is located in the Gauteng province a short distance from the capital Johannesburg. Krugersdorp is also called Mogale City, after the Chief Mogale-Wa-Mogale who is now seen as one of the first freedom fighters in South Africa. Gold was found here in 1887 and his tribesmen were the first miners and traders in gold.
In addition to gold, many more raw materials were destroyed; iron, asbestos, sand-lime brick and manganese saw the sunlight here.
Krugersdorp is located in an area with a lot of history and culture and also beautiful nature. Rivers here find their way through the Magaliesbergen in search of the quiet farmland, where the sun shines almost all year round and the views are beautiful!

Visit the Kromdraai, Maanhaarsrand and Hekpoort areas and get to know Krugersdorp and its surroundings.

The origin of humanity is here in the Kromdraai, where there are also the Sterkfontein caves and where numerous fossils but also the 2 million year old skull of Mrs. Ples was found in 1947. It is not for nothing that this area is called the “Cradle of Humanity” (Cradle of Humankind). Visit this area with its caves and the interesting museum where you can learn more about the origin of man.
You can know more about African cultures when you visit the Lesedi Cultural Village. Enjoy a meal accompanied by African music, listen to the stories of the different tribes and feel the ‘African vibe’ that now also spreads to you. You may also want to know how people live in the present and then you can visit one of the Townships. Here you get the real feeling of living in Mogale City!
In the Rhino and Lion park located near Krugersdorp you can take a small safari. Other activities you can do here are: hiking in the beautiful nature, visit the old Blaaubank gold mine, go out with an old ox wagon or follow a 4×4 trail. More adventurous visitors will go on a hot air balloon flight or book a ‘micro-light’ flight to view Krugersdorp from the air. And the golf enthusiast will have some free time to play golf on the 18-hole course at Krugersdorp.
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