Mc Gregor

McGregor located in the Breede River Valley in the Western Cape is a place where you can switch back into a lower gear. You can reach McGregor via a well-paved road or via the dirt road. And if you ask the villagers what is going on in McGregor, they will answer with a big smile: “Well nothing, that’s why we love it!”. But of course that is not entirely true …

McGregor is a place for rest and relaxation, for good wine and good food. For long walks and for being with friends. Here you have the feeling of being isolated from the outside world, mainly because of the 19th century appearance that the village has. With the climate of the Kleine Karoo, hot summers and cool to cold winters with snow on the surrounding mountains, this country is good land for farming. A list of the names of the 19 farmers who bought and distributed land here in 1905 can be found in the McGregor museum.

It is a place full of white thatched cottages and sandy roads that always lead to something new: a gallery, trinkets shop, olive or wine farm, beautiful gardens and new friends. The people here are friendly and welcoming.

Visit the local pottery or one of the coffee shops. On Saturdays you will of course go to the local market for tasty fresh products such as homemade jams, chutneys, freshly baked breads and muffins. If you are not here on Saturday, do not worry then visit the Deli in the village street!

There are regular wine festivals in McGregor and neighboring Robertson. It is full of tourists from home and abroad who, in addition to delicious wine and good food, also enjoy brisk walks. The spectacular Boesmanskloof trail is more for the seasoned hiker, it goes from McGregor to Greyton. Krans Nature Reserve is a beautiful hiking area, with an amazing view over the village and the Kleinberg Trail should not be missing in your hiking schedule. But you can of course also go mountain biking or birdwatching in this beautiful nature reserve in the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve.

Numerous well-known and less well-known painters live in McGregor and their art differs from oil painting, pastel, acrylic paint, pencil and chalk drawings.

The village is also known by the many holistic therapists, they ensure the balance between “mind, body and soul”. It is not yet entirely clear why so many therapists have settled here. But one of the explanations is that McGregor’s geographical position is on lines that radiate high energy. Something that is confirmed by the bushman drawings that can be found in this valley. You can visit a meditation center here or have one of the many individual therapies.

McGregor located in “the middle of nowhere” is a wonderful place to stay and relax in nature.
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