Sun City

Sun City is the Las Vegas of South Africa where entertainment and nature come together in a special way. The resort is located 187 kilometers from Johannesburg on the edge of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, a Big 5 game reserve. In the Sun City resort, the entertainment center, casino, Valley of the Waves water park and two famous golf courses provide pure entertainment

Sun City is a large complex with a total of four hotels, an entertainment center, two golf courses, countless activities of which The Valley of the Waves is the focal point. The Valley of the Waves is one of the most developed water parks in the world, dominated by the Roaring Lagoon (the roaring lagoon). The Roaring Lagoon is a 6500 square meter wave pool surrounded by a palm beach. Hydraulic installations are able to drive a 1.8 meter high wave through the bath every 90 seconds. Even when there are no waves, the water is special to watch; a diamond pattern is formed by all kinds of small wave movements.

The Sun City golf courses are world famous. The most famous is the 18-hole Gary Player golf course designed by the famous South African golfer. Every year the Nedbank Golf Challenge tournament takes place here with millions in prize money. The Lost City golf course includes a water feature with Nile crocodiles on the 13th hole.

Sun City has something fun to experience for young and old, big and small. From game computers to cinemas, from shops and restaurants to a children’s playground, the entertainment center offers entertainment for the whole family.
The Sun City Hotel houses the casino complex as well as the theater where live performances are given daily, except on Mondays.
There is much to experience for children around the Cabanas Hotel. Camp Kwena is set up as a children’s club for the little ones between 4 and 12 years old. The children’s farm and extensive playground with, among other things, mini cars keep the children busy for a long time. A supervised children’s program starts twice a day.For the little ones there is a nursery, the Kamp Kwena Creche, where children from the age of 0 are taken care of. The daycare center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays even until 1 am.

Sun City borders the Pilanesberg Game Reserve where the Big 5 lives among the gorges of the green craters. The 55,000 hectare park is malaria free. Gametrackers organizes safaris from Sun City by jeep or hot air balloon.

In Sun City you can stay in 4 different hotels that vary from luxury to very luxurious. The showpiece is Palace of the Lost City with very special architecture and facilities. This hotel has tried to bring the legend of a vanished city to life. The Cascades and Sun City Hotel offer a luxurious stay in a pleasant environment where Cascades has a very relaxed atmosphere. The casino and theater are located in the Sun City. The Cabanas is the best affordable and an excellent family hotel.

You can easily spend a few days in Sun City without getting bored. But if you have had enough of the resort, trips to a crocodile sanctuary, a butterfly garden or the cultural village of Iziziwe where local art, tradition and dance live on, are possible. Special is the Segway tour that you can make through the resort. All these trips can be booked through the Welcome Center.

Sun City was built in 1977 by hotel magnate Sol Kerzner, a Russian immigrant. In that year, the South African government had declared the region around Sun City the homeland of Bophuthatswana in the context of racial segregation and had given it ‘independence’. Businessman Kerzner saw his chance and opened a casino in this new homeland. Casinos were banned in South Africa, but the law did not apply to the home countries.Sun City has been a great success from the start. White South Africans from Johannesburg and the surrounding area came to the complex during the weekend to spend a weekend out. The borders of the new homeland were no problem for them. After the abolition of Apartheid, Sun City was able to connect the complex to the international market without any problems. The golf courses in particular contributed to this. Sun City has become a major tourist attraction.

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