Bredasdorp is a sleepy farming town situated between sheep farms, grain and rapeseed fields in the Overberg region of the Western Cape province. It lies on the slopes of the Heuningberg with the southernmost tip of the African continent 35 kilometers away; Cape Agulhas. The Heuningberg is mainly overgrown with the beautiful national flower of South Africa: the Protea and numerous other types of fynbos.

The city was once named after Michiel van Breda who started a farm with Merino sheep on the “Zoetendals valley” and founded a church there in 1838. In addition to sheep, there is also a lively trade in handmade and painted candles that find their way to Europe and America. The factory with shop can be visited and you will find more than 1000 different candles.

In the middle of the town you will find the shipwreck museum dedicated to the Arnisto ship. Here you will find numerous attributes that remind you of lost ships and in addition to navigation instruments you will also find coins, ceramics and porcelain that was once transported from the east.

Bredasdorp was the birthplace of the nationally renowned writer Audrey Blignault and a room specially dedicated and decorated for her is part of the tourist information center.

The Heuningveld Nature Reserve and the historic churches are the main attractions for Bredasdorp. Heuningveld nature reserve is open to the public and here you can enjoy flora and fauna, especially the Sugar Birds you will regularly see here.

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