Dullstroom in the province of Mpumalanga is South Africa’s fly fishing place par excellence. Dullstroom is located high, 2100 meters above sea level and therefore the highest village in South Africa. Geographically it lies between Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park which makes it a perfect place for a stopover on the way to the Big Five. Located in the Highlands Meander – a beautiful part of Mpumalanga – where the clear mountain rivers flow to lakes in the flat land.

In addition to fly fishing, it is also a place for quiet water and river fishing. Many farms have water dams and here you can fish to your hearts content for rainbow and brown trout, make sure you have a fishing license! (available at local post offices)

Here you will find all three cranes as the only place in South Africa: the Blue Crane, the Wattled Crane and the Crowned Crane. The Wattled Crane is a very rare bird in South Africa and unfortunately threatened with extinction.

The environment of Dullstroom is one that asks to go out. You can walk to the waterfalls, mountain bike or horseback ride to enjoy a picnic in the middle of the water murmur. On the way enjoying the abundantly blooming wild flowers and possibly catching a glimpse of leaping small game. Or book a balloon flight and view the area from a different perspective.

Dullstroom has a bird of prey reception center and here daily birds of prey shows are held (10:30 and 14:30). At this center, birds of prey and owls are rehabilitated and released into the wild as soon as possible. Are you in the area? Then a visit to this center should not be missing!
Dullstroom is a quiet place, but that has been different. If you are interested in history then you will find that Dullstroom was once an important strategic site in the Anglo-Boere war. There are historical city walks that take you past all the important points and sights of that time.
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