Cape Agulhas

The village of L’agulhas is a small fishing village in the Western Cape province and known in particular from the Cape Agulhas: the southernmost point of the continent of Africa. In contrast to what many people think, this is not at the Cape of Good Hope, but about 170 km south-east of Cape Town. At Cape Agulhas, the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet. Compared to the Cape of Good Hope, this Cape is less spectacular, but still beautiful with a rolling coastline and rocky beach.

The seabed off the coast is shallow and is therefore a suitable place to catch fish. In the winter there can be strong storms with waves of no less than 30 meters and in the course of time a lot of ships have already perished.

The lighthouse was built in 1849 and nowadays there is a small museum and restaurant. From the lighthouse you have a beautiful view over the oceans and the village of L’Agulhas and Gansbaai.

The area is particularly known for the Cape Agulhas National Park, recognized in 1999, where a variety of flora (including various species of fynbos) and birds can be found. Between August and October you have the chance to see whales and dolphins swim off the coast.

Around Cape Agulhas and in the National Park there are various accommodation options such as: Agulhas Country Lodge, Agulhas Rest Camp.
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