The number of flights departing daily from Europca to southern Africa is growing every month. Several flights depart daily from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Brussels which fly with one transfer to..

Change, cancellation or delay

Current travel schedule It may happen that the airline makes a change / cancellation to your itinerary. The airline is entitled to do this at any time. From a service..

General travel information

Keep your passport handy when booking flights, it is very important that the name on your ticket is exactly the same as the name on your passport. To book flights..


Taking the permitted amount of checked luggage with you is stated on your ticket. In general the following rules apply: Economy class Checked luggage: 1 piece of 23 kg Hand..

Parking at the airport

Are you traveling and do you want to park your car for a longer period of time? At international airports you can choose from short-term parking, long-term parking and extra..