Montagu is a village with a soul and the gateway to the Karoo. It is located in the Western Cape at the start of the very famous Route 62. A village that was once chosen as ‘Village of the Year’, due to its beautiful location with spectacular views, its well-preserved architecture and its wonderfully warm thermal springs. Originated in ± 1820 by the Trekboers, it was named after the secretary of the Cape Colony; John Montagu.

A village where the ox wagons passed through Longstreet not very long ago. And where more national monuments can be found in 1 street than anywhere else in South Africa. Fascinating historic buildings and beautiful architecture take you back to the time that Montagu even had its own means of payment!

To know more about the history of Montagu, visit the museums in Longstreet, the Mission Church and the beautifully restored Joubert House where you will also find a medicinal garden. And if you visit Montagu on the weekend, spend some time on the Saturday market. In the center you will also find numerous restaurants where you can dine and spend the evening in an appropriate way.

Route 62 has its own wine route and you will already find more than 40 different wine cellars. Go for a delicious taste and decide on the way to give your trip more ‘swing’ by booking a River cruise or going on a tractor trip into the mountains. You can then visit the Guano Cave where centuries-old Bushman petroglyphs can be found. Great view insures!

In addition to spending your time here relaxed and relaxed, it is also possible to ride 4×4 trails or undertake hikes and mountain hikes. Or you can go out on a mountain bike. In addition, rock climbing is a popular activity here. And if you have blisters, there are always the warm thermal baths of Montagu where you can relax and heal!
No matter how relaxed it all sounds, business is also done here and one of the world’s best known companies from Montagu is: Montagu dried fruit and nuts. In South Africa they are easily recognized by the orange logo and if you have not tasted it before …. then you have the chance.
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