Practical Information

Backpacking in South Africa

Is South Africa a suitable destination for backpackers? South Africa is also called “the world in 1 country”. There is not a single country in the world with so much..

Best time to visit Botswana

Botswana is qualified as a semi-desert, which means that there is little rainfall throughout the year and the temperatures are high. From September to April, the average daytime temperatures are..

Best travel time to South Africa

What is the best travel time for a vacation to South Africa? A frequently asked question and not a short and powerful answer. The best travel time depends on the..

Camper rental general

Wildlife parks, wine-growing countries, remote nature reserves and popular coastal towns, Africa offers an unlimited variety in terms of camping. Are you a lover of nature, culture and freedom? Then..

Conservation fee and community levy

Conservation fees Zuid-Afrika For a visit to the SANParks (South Africa National Parks, 20 parks in total) a so-called conservation fee is requested. The Conservation fees are calculated per day..


It is a fact that South Africa has a high crime rate. However ….. this is because there is a lot of crime in the townships. In the “normal” neighborhoods..


The population of South Africa has more than 44 million inhabitants, of which 62% live in the big cities: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. South Africa offers..

Custom import rules

Many Dutch people who have family or friends in South Africa are asked to bring a piece of real (old) Dutch cheese. However, officially you are not allowed to import..

Driving in Namibia

Namibia has an excellent network of national asphalted roads. You can recognize these (high) roads by the letter ‘B’ and connect all larger cities and border posts. When you travel..

Exchange rate

Current guaranteed exchange rate: € 1 = ZAR 19,50 The exchange rate of the South African Rand against the Euro changes regularly. Because the Rand is strongly influenced by the..

Fees and tips

Salaries are often low in South Africa. This makes it customary to give serving staff a tip. In some catering establishments it is even true that the staff is only..


South Africa has very verified plant growing due to the large climate differences. Tropical palm species interspersed with impressive proteas that can only be found in rocky areas. The richly..

General information car rental

A self drive holiday with a rental car is a popular way to travel in South Africa. Although you have to drive on the left side of the road and..

General travel information

Keep your passport handy when booking flights, it is very important that the name on your ticket is exactly the same as the name on your passport. To book flights..


General It is advisable to ask your GGD or the Havenpoort hospital in Rotterdam for advice on which vaccinations or medicines you need. It is also important to know which..

Internet – Telephone – GPS

Internet In South Africa there are internet cafes everywhere, especially in the big cities, or WIFI spots (for example at shops or restaurants). Many accommodations also offer internet use, not..

Is it safe to travel in South Africa?

A frequently asked question. The answer is: “Yes, South Africa is safe to travel around, provided you follow the basic rules for safe travel.” A group trip or organized trip..


Climate in South Africa South Africa is in the southern hemisphere. The sun is at its peak here in December and in the afternoon in the north! The seasons are..


Malaria, what is it? Malaria is an infectious disease caused by single-celled parasites of the genus Plasmodium. The (plasmodium) parasite is transmitted to humans by malaria mosquitoes. The first symptoms,..

Money Matters

The currency in South Africa is the Rand, subdivided into 100 cents. The rate is around 15 rand against 1 euro (September 2017), which is very favorable for tourism from..

Nutrition and Water

Is the water from the tap drinkable? The tap water is generally drinkable everywhere in South Africa, unless stated otherwise. If you do not like the taste or still have..

Packing list

Based on our own experience and that of our customers, we have compiled a list of items that we recommend to take with you on holiday in southern Africa, in..

Payment terms and conditions

Our payment terms are customary conditions for long-distance travel. The deposit must be paid immediately after booking. Only after the deposit has been received, we can confirm all travel parts..


Unfortunately, the Dutch plugs do not work in South Africa. In South Africa, a 3-point socket is used. Most guesthouses do have an adapter plug that you can borrow, but..

Preferred accommodations

We make use of accommodations which were carefully selected by us for our trips on our website and our tailor-made proposals. We do not only have good experiences with these..


Come and sit in one of the many excellent restaurants in South Africa! With a very versatile kitchen with cooking influences from all over the world, it may be clear..

Toll roads and E-toll

In South Africa, tolls are used for maintenance and improvement of the road network. Tax money is used for the maintenance of 81% of the road network, the remaining 19%..

Traffic rules

Many people worry about driving themselves in South Africa. Because driving is on the left side of the road, it takes some getting used to. However, with a little common..

Travel Documents

You have booked and paid for your trip. You have received a message that you will receive the travel documents approximately 2 weeks before departure. What can you expect from..

Travel with children

Some tips for activities, accommodation and safaris in South-Africa with (young) children. Activities Visit the beach in St Lucia, Umhlanga, Jeffrey’s Bay, Plettenberg Bay, Wilderness, Mossel Bay, Hermanus, or Hout..

Visa South Africa

A visa is available free of charge to Dutch and Belgians at the border and is valid for stays shorter than 90 days (tourist visa). You will receive a sticker..

Water restriction

The Western Cape of South Africa has serious water shortages. Everything is being done to resolve this, but the persistent drought has a major impact on the Western Cape and..

Wild Card

For wildlife and nature parks and reserves in South Africa, a conservation fee is normally requested. This is not included in the travel sum and must be paid at the..