Muizenberg is a coastal town on the Cape Peninsula, located in the curve of False Bay in the Western Cape.

Muizenberg became an attractive place when it became easily accessible by train in 1882. The station was renewed in 1913. And today it is very easy for the students of Cape Town to reach the surfing city in this way. The white beach, the youthful visitors and the colored beach houses still appeal to many holiday makers.

Historically, the village also has something to offer. You will still find old beach villas here in Victorian and Edwardian style. The beautiful station building with clock tower has also been built in this Edwardian style.
Another point of interest is Het Posthuys, a toll house built by the VOC, where taxes had to be paid if people docked here. Sergeant Muys was one of the first officials here and it is from this that the name Muizenberg is derived. Want to find out more, visit the old Tolhuis which has been restored to its former glory.

Visit the residence of the Count and Countess Natale Labia, which was built here in 1929 and after restoration by the family opened to the public as a multi-functional cultural center where you will find African boutiques and an Italian café in addition to galleries.

Rhodes’ Cottage also still attracts many visitors to Muizenberg. The best known resident of Muizenberg was Cecil Rhodes who died here in 1902. He was the prime minister of the Cape colony and built a holiday home here, after which many followed his example. Today you can visit the small house as a museum entirely devoted to Sir Rhodes life. The famous writer Rudyard Kipling also spent a lot of winters in Muizenberg.

This area of False Bay is also known for its regularly returning visitor: the Great White Shark. To guard the safety of the bay, lifeguards are present who will raise the flag in time to indicate that it is safe to go into the sea or not.

An adventurous activity is rock climbing and cage-diving to the white sharks. But Muizenberg is mainly known for surfing. Beginners can take lessons here and rent a surfboard and wetsuit on the beach.

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