Dundee is located in one of the valleys of the Biggarsberg mountain range and was founded in 1882 after raw materials (coal) were discovered in the area. The place is named after the birthplace of the Scottish emigrant Peter Smith, he was the first ‘resident’ of Dundee. The closest larger towns are Ladysmith and Newcastle.

The coal industry provided prosperity in Dundee, among other things, a theater was built and beautiful, gracious houses. Today the main source of income is agriculture, you will see many sheep and other cattle in the region. The climate is described as a subtropical highland climate which means that the summers are pleasant with a temperature around 26 degrees during the day and the winters cool and dry with temperatures during the day around 19 degrees and at night around 4 degrees.

Dundee is part of the so-called ‘Battlefield Route’ in Kwazulu Natal. Near Dundee history has been made by the Boers / Voortrekkers, the English settlers and the Zulu’s. In the Talana museum you will learn a lot about the different battles that took place here and also about the origin of Dundee. The Battlefield Route is a must for history lovers. Between Dundee and Vryheid is a special memorial place to the battle between the Boers and the Zulu’s. Here you will find a life-size replica of the bullock carts that were set up for the ‘Battle of Blood River’ at the time. Incidentally, the history of Dundee begins with the San Bushmen who lived here 4000-5000 years ago. In a number of places in the area you will find rock drawings of these first inhabitants in caves and shelters.

You can also visit Indlovu Brewery where the iJuba beer is brewed. You can buy a souvenir at Sneezewood Farm Gift and Coffee Shop, here you will find something for every taste. A number of talented artists have settled in the area, so you can see beautiful carvings, sculptures, woven baskets, rugs and (art) objects made of clay in the shops / studios. Hikers and bird watchers can indulge in the hills around Dundee.
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