Bathurst is located in the Cacadu district of the Eastern Cape province between Grahamstown and Port Alfred. It has the appearance of an old English village and the ‘Pig and Whistle’ pub in the heart of the village is one of the oldest cafes in South Africa.

Time seems to have stood still here, but the village has certainly gained in popularity over the years. More and more people enjoy the rural life here and many artists found this a perfect place to start a studio. Visit the cozy shops, restaurants and studios in Main Street.

Located in the beautiful nature reserve ‘Water’s meeting’ and close to the coast you can imagine that it also attracts tourists. Game reserves, walking routes, canoe trips on the Kowie river, picnic areas with beautiful views and the many birds in this area make for a nice trip.

Bathurst is located in the center of the pineapple industry and here you will find the largest pineapple in the world, you can’t miss it at a height of 17 meters. There is a museum in this huge pineapple and here you can learn more about the cultivation of this tropical fruit through videos. From here you also have a 360 degree breathtaking view of the fields and coast!

The cultural city of Grahamstown is a 45-minute drive away (where an annual Art Festival takes place here in July) and in 10 minutes you can reach the coastal town of Port Alfred, a paradise for those who enjoy water sports.

Monumental and National monuments in Bathurst are: the Bradshaw’s Mill, the Wesleyan Chapel, the St. Johns Church and the Bathurst Agricultural Museum. Enough interesting buildings and places for history enthusiasts who would like to know that this area was known as Frontier Country because there were so many wars between the Xhosa and British soldiers.

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