Located in the Western Cape province of South Africa you will find the beautiful coastal route (the R44), the village of Rooi-Els. A place where people try to be one with nature. And people who appreciate that, love this place on the east side of False Bay in every season.

A place to enjoy nature and the people who play with it: windsurfing or stargazing, hiking in the mountains or paddling in the Atlantic Ocean. It all happens in the security of the Kogelbergen that surround Rooi-Els.

The Kogelbergen are a unique area where many species of native plants occur. If you are more than interested in the plant world, it is good to take your list with you to check out what you have never seen before. This also applies to bird lovers among you. The Cape Rockjumper and the Black Oystercatcher can be seen here, but the Verreaux’s Eagles also occur in this area.
You will also find small game here where the Cape leopard still stands out, but unfortunately is very shy and hard to find. But the otter, rooikat, klipspringer, mongoose, dassies, porcupines and turtles can be seen regularly. You will certainly spot baboons or bobbeans and reptile enthusiasts will focus their eyes on the different types of snakes that you can find here.

And so close to the sea it is natural that there are fish. In the right season (July-Aug and November-December) the Bryde’s Whales swim here and you can see dolphins and seals here all year round. Consider a fishing license if you want to catch something and that is especially true if you want to go fishing for lobster.

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