The town of Langebaan is located on the east side of the Langebaan Lagoon in the Western Cape Province. A town founded in 1922. It has beautiful views over the crystal-clear Langebaan Lagoon and is the gateway to the West Coast National Park, which protects the ecosystem of the lagoon.

Langebaan is extremely popular with fishermen and those who want to get away from the crowds. And so close to Cape Town (1 hour drive), so a perfect weekend getaway. Almost all year round guaranteed sunshine, but with changing temperatures, and always a good wind present so this makes Langebaan a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. A wonderful place to go surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Kayaking, sailing and fishing are also possible. In a few days you can master the sailing here at the sailing school.

The nature in the Langebaan lagoon is phenomenal, because of the tide in the lagoon you will find here numerous wading water birds. The lagoon, 3 km wide and 30 km long, has plenty of seagulls, but also flamingos and pelicans are happy to be guests here. And it is seen as the largest breeding ground for black herons.

It’s a place to unwind and if you have trouble with that, look for the “Slow Five”. Turtles, whales, sand sharks, porcupines, and dune moles show you that the world swells when you sit here and observe. In the Postberg area (only open in August and September) within the West Coast National Park you can see moose, wildebeest, hartebeest, bontebok, springbok, kudu and the mountain zebra, but patience is also needed here. This is also at this time that the fields are full of wild flowers in all colors of the rainbow! It must be a sunny day if the flowers want to show their colors.

Cycling is a popular activity in the West Coast national park and in addition to wildlife you can also see the oldest human footprint. The fossil print of “Eva’s footprint” was discovered in 1995 on the banks of the Langebaan lagoon and is around 117,000 years old.

North of Langebaan you will find the Country Golf Club where you can play golf close to the coast.

Just outside the village you will find the West Coast Fossil Park, the only fossil park in South Africa. Where even a print has been found of the hitherto only bear of Africa amid 200 other types of fossil print. Take advantage of a tour and go hunting for your own fossils.

A special place for an extensive lunch or relaxed dinner full of delicacies from the ocean is the open-air restaurant Die Strandloper on the beach at Langebaan.
If you are driving from Cape Town to Langebaan you can make a stop at Yzerfontein near the village! Kwa ttu. Here you get an interesting glimpse into the life of the San Bushmen.
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