Parking at the airport

Are you traveling and do you want to park your car for a longer period of time? At international airports you can choose from short-term parking, long-term parking and extra long-term low-cost parking. Even a valet serice is usually available. Below you will find further information about (in particular) long-term parking at Schiphol in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf International Airport and Brussels International Airport.

Parking at Schiphol International Airport

Schiphol offers is very spacious parking with P1 for short-term parking up to 48 rent, P3 for long-term parking P4 for basic long-term parking. You will find further information and even prices about this on the Schiphol website.

Do you live far away or do you have to fly very early? Then make use of the special Park-Sleep-Fly Package from Hotel Schiphol A4 and go on a well-rested journey.
In addition, hotel Schiphol A4 offers you the possibility to park your car for up to 31 days during your stay abroad!
There is a free shuttle service from the hotel to the airport between 5.40 a.m. and 11.40 p.m. A night shuttle is available outside of these hours. This costs € 7.50 per adult based on availability (request in advance).

Dit Park-Sleep-Fly Arrangement package and the associated prices depend on availability. The package consists of:
– 1x overnight stay
– 1x luxury breakfast buffet
– parking for a maximum of 31 days
– use of the shuttle service between the hotel and Schiphol (between 5.40 a.m. and 11.40 p.m.)
– free use of the swimming pool and wellness facilities
– WiFi in the hotel

You can book this package via the website of Hotel Schiphol: click here.
Parking at Düsseldorf International Airport

Whether you are traveling long or short and would like to park cheaply or close to the terminal, Dusseldorf Airport has suitable parking facilities for you.
On the Dusseldorf Airport website you can book a parking space and pay with a credit card: click here.

Parking at Brussel International Airport (Zaventem)

Brussels Zaventem has a total of 12,000 parking places. From very close by for short-term parking to more distant places, the airport offers you an extensive range of options.

Throughout the year, the airport offers a customized parking product for every customer. From short to long-term parking, VIP parking, extra secure parking, parking at the terminal or a long-distance parking with its own shuttle service and an optional car wash, the choice is yours!
On the Brussels Zavemtem website you will find an overview of all parking options: click here.

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