Emergency coverage


Emergencies are an external calamity that you can insure against with the all risk cancellation insurance. If there is a negative travel advice, airlines will cancel their flights. We as an organization will deal with calamities in South Africa by looking for alternatives within South Africa.
So we see no need to be a member / have you pay for the Calamity fund.

With the extra all-risk clause with the cancellation insurance, everyone who has booked a trip abroad is insured for 75% of the possible costs of rebooking or canceling a trip.

A cancellation insurance without all risk coverage only offers coverage if something happens to you or your immediate family. So not when, for example, bird flu or Ebola breaks out at your holiday destination.
The all-risk coverage of the Europeesche is a good addition to your cancellation insurance.

What will you be reimbursed if you take out the all risk coverage?
De Europeesche reimburses 75% of the change / cancellation costs of your originally booked trip and any administration costs of the tour operator. The all risk cancellation insurance insures the amount of your originally booked trip, but is independent of any new trip.
If the new destination is more expensive, for example because it is further away or more luxurious, then you pay the price difference yourself.
If the new destination is cheaper or easier, you will not get the remaining amount back.

Europeesche reimburses the rebooking costs per insured person once to a maximum of 75% of the travel sum of the original trip plus the administration costs. If there are several insured persons on the policy schedule, the travel sum per insured person is determined in proportion to everyone’s share in the travel sum.
The departure date of the newly booked trip must be within 6 months of the original departure date.

South Africa is rebooking a large country within this country is also covered by insurance.

When are you covered?

You are insured when your holiday pleasure disappears through:
– a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, forest fire or flood;
– a terrorist attack or molestation, for example a popular uprising;
– an epidemic, such as the Mexican flu.
You are also insured if due to an event such as damage to the infrastructure, the planned trip cannot reasonably be made.

You can determine whether you want to change your trip from 3 months before departure up to and including the departure day. A newspaper report about the situation is sufficient to prove the right to rebook.

The most important advantages at a glance:
– your own traveling pleasure
– a maximum of 25% extra costs for rebooking
– supplement to your cancellation insurance
– competitive all-risk premium

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