Barrydale (Western Cape Province) originated at the beginning of the 18th century when farmers searched for fertile land to grow crops. The land around the current Barrydale was found to be very suitable and even today you will encounter many vineyards and fruit plantations. Oranges, pears and apples are harvested in the winter months and in the summer it is time for figs, apricots and grapes.

Barydale is located on the north side of the Tradouw mountain pass on the beautiful and varied Route 62. Those who drive this route will see a roadside shop near Barrydale with the inscription: Ronnie’s Sex Shop. In this store no sex items, but a bar for something to eat or drink. The inscription was officially ‘Ronnies shop’, but friends of owner Ronnie added ‘sex’ to it. Nowadays tourists from all over the world stop here, but also the locals, to have a drink at the bar.

Various wild animals live in this area, so you can see monkeys, dassies, snakes or klipspringers on the rocks along the way. But more rare animal species such as otters, jackals and leopards are also found here. You can also see large birds of prey (for example the black eagle) soar above the valleys in search of prey. Vegetation in the mountains includes fine forest and succulents.

A few tips were you to visit Barrydale: The Blue Cow coffee shop at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a beautiful view, restaurant Ckarke of the Karoo and Country Pumpkin restaurant. Art lovers visit the Magpie Art Collective Gallery where art objects are made from recycled material or visit the Barrydale Hand Weavers, a project where unemployed people are taught to weave in order to generate income. Botanists can visit the Barrydale Heritage Garden. Looking for some more action? Take a quad bike ride in the Tradouw Valley (between Barrydale and Montagu).

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