Braai is an important part of their culture for South Africans. It is not just a barbecue, but braaing is seen as an activity, sometimes even a whole day filling activity.

Braai is not just about food, but more about the whole experience around it. It is seen as a social matter. Also characteristic is making the coal yourself. You make a fire from wood and burn the wood until it has become coal, then the large pieces of meat are put on the grill.

When renting a (4×4) motorhome you will normally receive a braai schedule. You can use this at the campsites. Here you can often find braai areas where you can use the grid.
Everything is possible on the braai: fresh fish from the ocean, marinated lamb chops, a national specialty springbok, a simple hamburger, corn between the coals, braai sandwiches or roasted potatoes in foil, but generally large pieces of meat (with bone) are made. You will rarely come across a South African who is unable to braai – that is the case here.

Do you also want to experience a braai during your trip?This is possible on request at various guesthouses, lodges and restaurants. Our travel consultants are happy to advise you!

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