Albertinia is a small village in the Western Cape province at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range about 50 km west of Mossel Bay. The place owes its name to the Dutchman Johannes. R. Albertyn, who was involved in the foundation of the community.
Albertinia is known as ‘Home of the Aloe’ since the native Aloe ferox (or Cape Aloe) grows a lot in this dry area. The bitter juice from the leaves is used for various purposes in the health and cosmetic industry. The medicinal effect of aloe for humans and animals was discovered long ago. Albertinia is the only place in South Africa where Aloe juice and gel are extracted, and this goes partly to the factory in the village where skin care products are made. For more information about how aloe works, visit the House of Aloes. Those who want to see the Aloe ferox in bloom should visit Albertinia in the South African winter (June-July).

Those who want to go on a safari while driving the Garden Route are in the right place in Albertinia. You can visit the Garden Route Game Lodge where other activities are offered in addition to game drives with an open land cruiser. During a game drive (+/- 2.5 hours) you can see lions, rhinos, giraffes, buffalo, cheetahs and elephants. Ask us about the possibilities.

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