Change, cancellation or delay

Current travel schedule

It may happen that the airline makes a change / cancellation to your itinerary. The airline is entitled to do this at any time. From a service point of view, we will send these changes as soon as possible to the e-mail address provided by you or inform you by telephone. If there is a delay on the day of departure, please note that the check-in time of the original flight is often maintained. You can check the website of the relevant airport for current flight information at any time. Delays on the day of departure are usually not passed on to us.

Cancellation or Major delay

In the event of cancellation of flights on the day of departure and in the event of denied boarding (for example due to overbooking), travelers may be entitled to financial compensation and assistance from the airline. In the event of a major delay on the day of departure, travelers are entitled to assistance and care. The airline must inform affected passengers in writing about these rights, as laid down in the EC Regulation 261/2004.

This regulation protects the passenger in the event of delayed flight, rebooked flight, canceled flight or overbooked flight on the day of travel and determines what compensation must be given. For compensation or assistance, always first contact the airline. The EU Regulation applies to flights within the European Union, all flights departing from the European Union to a country outside the Union irrespective of the country of registration of the airline company and all flights arriving in an EU country and operated by a European airline.
You can submit your complaint to the airline yourself. For this you can use the websites of and On you can directly fill in, print and send the official EU complaint form online. If you submit your complaint via, they then submit a complaint to the airline on your behalf and ensure that the compensation is paid to you, possibly through legal proceedings. Have your ticket and / or reservation number of your delayed flight to hand and keep your boarding pass and any other travel documentation.
Community lijst

In accordance with European legislation, we must inform you of the existence of a ‘Community list’ that contains details about airlines that are currently not allowed to fly within / to and from the European Union.
The Community list can be consulted at The South Africa Specialist does not sell tickets with companies that are on this list.

Check the latest information about baggage, extra baggage and other general information on the website of the Airline before departure. These conditions change regularly and may be important for your journey.

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