Taking the permitted amount of checked luggage with you is stated on your ticket. In general the following rules apply:

Economy class
Checked luggage: 1 piece of 23 kg
Hand luggage: 1 piece with (as a rule) dimensions of 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm with a max. Weight of approx. 8 kg. Additionally you may take 1 accessoire (laptop bag / hand bag).

Business class
Checked luggage: 1 piece of 30 kg or 2 pieces of 23 kg each
Hand luggage: 2 pieces with (as a rule) dimensions of 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm with a maximum weight of approx. 8 kg each. Additionally you may take 1 accessoire (laptop bag / hand bag).

10 kg of luggage.
Dimensions and weight may differ per airline. Always check the allowances on the airline’s website and your ticket.

If you participate in an Adventure Truck trip, then luggage restrictions often apply. limited space in the vehicle. You will find more information about this at the relevant trip.

Extra luggage
Do you want to take extra luggage, such as e.g. golf bags, a bicycle or surfboard? Please state this when booking so that the transport of the extra luggage  can be requested for you from the relevant airline. Please note that most airlines, such as KLM, charge costs for this, which may differ per airline.

If you are a KLM Frequent Flyer member, you can become a member of Flying Blue Golf and print your voucher for free transport of your golf bag at least 48 hours before departure.

Check the latest information about luggage, extra luggage and other general information on the website of the Airline before departure. These conditions change regularly and may be important for your journey.
New rules for luggage on OR Tambo Airport (March 2019)

Since March 25, 2019, stricter rules regarding luggage apply at the OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg. Bags and suitcases with a different shape can no longer be checked in. Your luggage must have at least one flat side. If your bag has long straps (straps), these must also be removed. If, upon check-in, it appears that your bag does not meet the requirements, you can have it packaged in plastic at the airport with any additional reinforcement to create a flat side so that it can be carried in the hold (costs for your own account).

The above rules have been introduced to prevent problems with the luggage belts and for faster luggage handling.

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