Kommetjie is located on the western side of the Cape Peninsula. From Cape Town you drive through the beautiful Chapman’s Peak and the town of Noordhoek in a southerly direction to this village.

Located in a rocky cove you understand where her name comes from. There is some evidence that this ‘bowl’ was once used as a fish trap in prehistoric times.

Kommetjie is now best known for its beautiful surfing beaches and lobster fishing. Lovers of lighthouses visit “de Slangkop” here. A lighthouse from 1919 that stands out at a height of 33 meters above the rocks and the dark sea water, which is teeming with the gigantic long seaweed.

The small quiet village is an ideal place to relax, relax on the coast where the sound of powerful waves will never bore you. Not just a quick drive through, but just spend a few days here is wonderful advice. For families with small children, Kommetjie has a safe tidal pool in the ocean.

The flora and fauna of Kommetjie is versatile but especially the Milkwood trees have a great attraction for birds, mice and baboons. The protected tree, with edible fruit and flowers for these animals, also gives a milky latex that is invaluable in traditional medicine. In addition, Kommetjie and its surroundings also fall into the unique Fynbos area and it is here where you can see most species of Fynbos growing per square meter.

In Kommetjie you go to the 8 km long beach for surfing, kite surfing, walking or horse riding along the surf. After about 3 km you will pass the SS Kakapa shipwreck, which crashed here in 1900. In addition, it is a good place to go bird watching. Bird lovers also visit the nearby Noordhoek Valley where you can spot 150 birds and if you want to widen your view, climb the lighthouse for a phenomenal view!

You can go for a walk and Township tour at Masiphumulele, an Xhosa-speaking population. Information you receive here will make much clear about the time of apartheid in South Africa.

With the children you visit the Imhoff Farm, where besides the camel ride there are lots of other things to do. Cuddling with the farm animals of Higgledy Pigglely Farm is also here. Or make a stop here for delicious tea or coffee with a real African snack. Lunch will be special if you taste the ‘fresher than fresh’ handmade cheeses.

The Cape Point route also has a great attraction for cyclists and mountain bikers, this coastal route is adventurous and offers beautiful views. The impressive 9-kilometer Chapman’s Peak Drive with its 114 turns is one of the world’s most beautiful car routes. It has breathtaking views and numerous picnic areas where you can enjoy this beauty undisturbed.

In Kommetjie everything you need is available, but the Longbeach Mall is around the corner if you prefer more luxurious purchases.
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