Coffee Bay

About 200 km north-east of East London you will find the small village of Coffee Bay, in Afrikaans Coffee Bay, on the so-called Wild Coast of Transkei. The place name is derived from a ship that was shipwrecked here off the coast. The load of coffee beans that the ship transported washed up here and was the inspiration for the naming. Whether the coffee beans have actually grown into plants is unknown, today you will certainly not find any coffee plants here.

What you will find in Coffee Bay is ‘The hole in the wall’, this hole worn by the current in a rock off the coast is a geological piece of art and well reflects the power of the water. There are also beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the warm water of the Indian Ocean. For those who want to do something active: go hiking through the beautiful nature around the village (for example along the coast from Coffee Shack to the Hole in the Wall), mountain biking, swimming or surfing. This is also an excellent place for fishing. For the experienced hiker there is the possibility to make a 5-day trip from Coffee Bay to Port St. Johns. There are a number of places in Coffee Bay where you can have a drink and a bite to eat and some accommodation options.

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