Brits is a city in the North West province about 55 kilometers west of Pretoria. It is an area known for its platinum mines and where citrus fruits, vegetables and grain are produced through irrigation from the Hartbeespoort Dam.

The Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve is a wonderfully quiet place for birdwatchers in particular, more than 320 different bird species have been spotted here. Fishermen can also be found at the dam. Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve is an hour’s drive north-west from Brits (55 km). Hartbeespoort Dam with many water sport activities is just over 20 km from Brits.

There are beautiful 4×4 routes to drive in the area around Brits such as the De Wildt 4×4 Trail that runs through the north of the Magaliesbergen between Brits and Hartbeespoort Dam. Another route is the Moegatle 4×4 Trail about 30 km from Brits. This route is 34 km long and takes 6 to 8 hours, so for enthusiasts!

Just 17 kilometers from Brits is the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Center (formerly De Wildt Cheetah Center) where people are involved in maintaining the cheetah and other endangered species. Tours are held daily for those who want to know more about these special African wild animals. Another “wild experience” is Southern Palace Crocodile Adventures where you walk through the dams with Nile crocodiles and learn more about these cold-blooded reptiles. Those who dare can make a ‘cage-dive’ to view the 3 to 4 meter long crocodiles from very close.

Experienced divers, but also beginners, can go to Miracle Water Divers. Unfortunately no beautiful coral reefs or tropical fish, but clear water up to about 10 meters full of carp and perch. In addition to the various diving platforms, there are also picnic areas, a swimming pool and a shop. Book in advance when you want to do a diving course.

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