Knysna, located on the beautiful Garden Route is a tourist place in the Western Cape Province. The Knysna River flows into the lagoon here and was the perfect place to start a new village long ago. Knysna has a beautiful view over the lagoon and the two ‘Heads’ that form the passage to the Indian ocean. And on the other side of the village there is the protection of the Outeniqua Mountains.

Nature is very diverse here, you will find lakes, fynbos, the lagoon, miles of beaches, green forests and the rainforest, where many elephants used to live. The National Lake Area is a national park near Knysna and definitely worth a visit. The fynbos is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and includes around 8000 different species of plants and is therefore a paradise on earth for the botanists among you.

The history of Knysna revolves around the illegitimate son of King George the third; George Rex who settled with his family in Knysna in 1804, you often come across that name in the picturesque village. In the Millwood House Museum on Queen Street you will find materials that refer to the history of the village. Furthermore, gold was once found in the mountains just outside Knysna in 1885, which led to the construction of the Millwood Gold Mines and attracted many workers. Now there is a nice picnic area at that place and you can make beautiful hiking trips from here.

The Knysna Forest is the biggest attraction of this place, as the largest native forest you will find centuries-old trees that have always existed here, but also exotic species that were once, long ago, brought from overseas. You will find here Stinkwood, Blackwood, Ironwood and the Cape hazelnut, but also many wild flowers, ferns and creepers that give the forests many different colors. In 2017 there was a major fire in which part of the forest went up in flames.

And in such a special green environment you will of course also find animals such as small antelopes and many different birds, the most special of which is perhaps the beautifully colored Knysna Loerie, but that is not the only strange bird here! The dwarf chameleon and the Brenton Blue Butterfly are very different and endangered creatures, special animals that you will not encounter so quickly, but that do occur here.

This capital of the Garden Route, with a wonderful climate, is a cozy place with numerous shops, galleries and nice restaurants on the Knysna Waterfront. And a visit to Leisure Island is also a fun way to spend time if you like small special shops!

For oyster lovers, this is the place to be! Every year in the South African winter season, when the temperature is around 19 degrees, the Knysna Oyster Festival takes place. Thousands of oysters are eaten here and liters of local Mitchell’s beer are drunk. The oysters are grown here in the lagoon. To know more about oysters, visit a nursery. A number of suggestions for restaurants: Olive Tree, Sirocco, Anchorage, Pembreys, Chatters Bistro, 34 South, Dry Dock, Quay Four and Restaurant JJs.

Knysna and the surrounding area are also famous for, are the beautiful golf courses that lie here. Pezula, Simola and the Knysna golf course are wonderful places to play 18 holes. Pezula and Simola Golfcourse both have fantastic accommodations that you can book through us. In addition to great golfing, you can relax here at the spa, have a delicious dinner and of course enjoy amazing views.

If you are in for an hour-long beach walk, start at Brenton on Sea on one of the Heads and walk to Buffalo Bay. Knysna and the surrounding area also offers numerous opportunities for anglers. Visit the local fishing shop for a tide chart, divers, hooks and a fishing license (often available at the post office), and head out by boat. In the water you will find the unique Knysna sea horse and on the beach of the lagoon you can find the very fragile, special Pansy shell.

In the months between May and September it is very busy for the Knysna coastline, then the Humpback and the Southern Right whales visit this place to give birth here in the calm warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A wonderful spectacle when you see them playing with their youngsters here and jumping.
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