Grahamstown is located in the Eastern Cape province and has a turbulent past. You will find more forts in this place and surroundings than anywhere else in South Africa.

The battle ax is buried in this beautiful setting and the boundaries of conflict have faded so that Grahamstown is now a melting pot of different cultures. The Khoi, Xhosa, Boers and Britten all brought their own language, buildings, habits and dishes and you can still see this now. There are numerous monuments that refer to the time of the Settlers. You can take a city walk through the center and see beautiful old houses and churches. Visit the Observatory Museum where you can find a Camera Obscura that was the only one in the southern hemisphere for a long time. Beautiful restored buildings can be found on the wide tree-lined streets, of which Highstreet is the most prominent. You imagine yourself in a different time.

Located in the middle of the malaria-free ‘Frontier Country’, Grahamstown is surrounded by beautiful unspoilt nature. Thousands of hectares of nature and wildlife conservation embrace the city and invite to go spotting the Big Five in various private game reserves.

In the winter (June / July) an important art festival takes place here and Grahamstown has also gained international fame through a number of fantastic schools that can be found here.

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