This small village on the coast of the Indian Ocean is about 40 kilometers north-east of East London in the Eastern Cape province. Cintsa belongs to the so-called Wild Coast known for its beautiful and unspoilt nature and beautiful coastlines.
Cintsa (or Chintsa) is located at the mouth of the Cintsa River and is a popular area for fishermen. Many visitors return to this small paradise with its lagoon, white beaches, green forests and many birds. The beaches are much quieter than East London for example and much friendlier for children as there are usually few waves. Cintsa actually consists of two parts: Cintsa East on the north side of the river and Cintsa West on the southern side.
In addition to fishing, you can go hiking, canoeing on the river, horse riding or visit the nearby Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve. Here you can see rhinos, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, kudus and various goats and antelopes. There are also separate parts in the park where lions and elephants are housed. You can choose a morning, afternoon or sunset game drive in a safari car with guide. Horseback safaris, quad bikes, mountain bikes and even a ride on the back of an elephant are also offered. Advance booking is required for most activities. The reserve has an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal after the chosen activity.
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