Wild Card

For wildlife and nature parks and reserves in South Africa, a conservation fee is normally requested. This is not included in the travel sum and must be paid at the entrance. If you plan to visit several parks and / or reserves and it may be advantageous to purchase a Wild Card.
The Wild Card is valid for SANParks, BigGameParks in Swaziland and most KZN Parks in KwazuluNatal. It is best to purchase the WildCard online via the SANParks website. As an international visitor you choose the International All Parks Cluster and there are cards and for an individual, couple or family (maximum 2 adults and 5 children under 18).

Experience has shown that a Wild Card can be interesting for more than 6 visits to a SANpark and  / or KZNpark. We assume 2 people. With more people it can be interesting.

Note: the WildCard is only valid when you visit a park with your own transport and when you are staying in the park (so you go with your own transport to the accommodation in the park). When you arrive at the park, you do have to pay the normal conservation fee (including many of our excursions, see the relevant activity). when you have a WildCard.

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