Money Matters

The currency in South Africa is the Rand, subdivided into 100 cents. The rate is around 15 rand against 1 euro (September 2017), which is very favorable for tourism from the Euro zone. There are banknotes of 10,20, 50,100 and 200 rand, coins of 1,2 and 5 rand and 1,2,5,10,20 and 50 cents.
Creditcards are generally accepted, but they tax an unfavorable course for you. You can pin in all major places. You regularly see ATM cash machines on the road.

The banks are open from Monday to Friday, some also on Saturday morning or even Sunday morning.
Most major banks have an ATM, but you can also find ATM machines (ATMs) elsewhere in the shopping streets.
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Euros and dollars can be exchanged at most banks, as well as traveler’s checks. The usual credit cards such as e.g. Visa and Mastercard are accepted in the larger cities.
You can pin at an ATM with your Dutch bank card. The costs that are charged for this are the same everywhere.

Rabobank blocks almost all debit card payments outside of Europe to prevent skimmers from plundering bills. From now on, customers traveling outside of Europe must themselves indicate via the Rabobank website for the period for which they can withdraw money worldwide.
In Belgium, banks do the same and there skimming has fallen to zero, according to Rabobank. It will soon be possible to pay by default with the card in countries where the EMV chip is used, instead of the fraud-sensitive magnetic strip.

Gas tank can only with cash payment at a number of smaller and more remote petrol stations, keep this in mind if you are going to refuel. There is often an ATM cash machine at the larger gas stations. You do not fill up yourself, this is done for you. The pump operator will also ask if he should check your water, oil level and tire pressure or wash your windshield. It is common to give a small tip in this case.

It is not strange to bargain at markets and stalls along the road. At restaurants and other food and beverage outlets, a tip of 10-15 percent of the total amount is common as the wait staff receives a very low salary. Without your tip, these people cannot support themselves and any family. For larger groups, the tip is already added to the total amount at some restaurants.

If you buy presents you can ask for a VAT bill, the tax can be reclaimed at the airport before you fly back to the Netherlands / Belgium.

In most neighboring countries of South Africa, money matters work in the same way (different currencies, but often South African Borders are also accepted). In Zimbabwe, however, the banking system is less reliable and it is better to take cash with you.
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