Fees and tips

Salaries are often low in South Africa. This makes it customary to give serving staff a tip. In some catering establishments it is even true that the staff is only paid with the tips. Giving a tip is of course not mandatory, but if you are satisfied with the service we will gladly give you some guidelines.

Lunch and dinner are considerably cheaper in South Africa than in the Netherlands and / or Belgium. The course of the Rand also helps with that. An average lunch costs (global indication) around € 5 to € 10 per person, depending on the menu. A main course is on average between € 10 and € 15 per person. Almost all restaurants have a website where the menu with prices is often displayed. Drinks and the like are also cheaper than in the Netherlands / Belgium. An indication for a tip is approximately 10 to 15% of the amount in the account. For larger groups, the tip is already added to the total amount at some restaurants. You will see this stated on your account. Often it is also mentioned on the menu. A drink or a meal in local places is usually a lot cheaper than in the more expensive hotels.

Parking watch:
Many places have parking malls at shopping malls or just in the center. They kindly tell you that they will watch your car. These are actually parking-free places, so you are not obliged to give anything. They are often helpful with loading your groceries, bringing your cart and parking it in and out. A few coins of around 3 to 5 rand is then greatly appreciated.

Paid parking places:
Here you can pay with money or a parking ticket in a vending machine, but often there is also a parking attendant who is happy to help you. He or she tells you the time rate and you pay the person who will then top up the machine for you. And for the service of arranging for you, you give e.g. 2 or 3 extra edges.
Gasoline filling stations:
Here you still have the luxury of a pump operator. He or she will refuel for you and possibly check the oil level, water and tire pressure. In general, your windows are also cleaned. A wonderful service for which you give around 5 rand tip.
Excursions and tour guides:
Often you will be alerted at the end of an excursion: “.. Remember your tour guide!”. As a rule, a tip of around 10% also applies here, please note … if you are satisfied. And here too it is often the case that the staff live off the tips.
Ranger of your Game drives:
It is common to tip the ranger 10% of the bill and then leave something behind when leaving the game lodge for all the other staff that made your stay so special. When you book a multi-day safari, an amount of 100 rand per person per day is usual.
Train staff:
On the train you can judge for yourself what you want to give to your cabin staff and / or service staff. It is not mandatory to give something, but it is also common here.

Hotel porters:
It is common to tip them a few rand per suitcase.

Domestic staff:
Satisfied with the service then a few rand tip is sufficient.

A little tip can make someone smile and what could be better than satisfied people …

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