Is it safe to travel in South Africa?

A frequently asked question. The answer is: “Yes, South Africa is safe to travel around, provided you follow the basic rules for safe travel.”

A group trip or organized trip provides the most protection. If you travel by car, motorbike or camper, plan your route and book your accommodations in advance so that you do not have to search and may end up in less safe areas.

As a South Africa Specialist, we know the country and the roads well. We travel a lot in all regions of Southern Africa in search of unknown areas and accommodations. We live and work in South Africa and will carefully plan your route and accommodations.

– Drive in particular in the larger cities with your car doors locked.
-Do not leave valuables in sight in the rear seat or passenger’s seat.
-Try to keep driving in the dark to a minimum.
-Do not bring any lifters.
In short: use common sense!
Traveling with a camper is excellent in terms of safety in South Africa. Make use of the camping sites and park the camper where other cars also park.

Also look at the travel stories of clients on the site.

Your South Africa vacation starts with the South Africa specialist.

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