Exchange rate

Current guaranteed exchange rate: € 1 = ZAR 19,50

The exchange rate of the South African Rand against the Euro changes regularly. Because the Rand is strongly influenced by the Euro, the Dollar and the South African economy, this rate can change. On the website we state our calculation rate. As soon as you book a trip with us in Euros, we assume this exchange rate and it will no longer change. You do not have this advantage at the well-known large online booking sites that always use the foreign currency.

The rate is only final if it is offered in our quotation and has a validity period that will be specified in the proposal.
With us you can also pay in Rands. When paying in Rand you have to deal with the bank rate for the down payment and the bank rate for the remaining payment. This may be cheaper for you, but you take the risk that is otherwise taken by us. This can of course work to your advantage or disadvantage.

Your choice applies to all travel components. You then pay in Rand to our account at NEDbank South Africa. We charge you 1% bank charges (maximum R800). The choice of paying in Rand or in Euro can only be made when you book the trip. So you cannot pay your remaining payment in Rand if you have decided to make the down payment in Euros. Upon receiving the quote, let us know if you want to pay in Rand.

You can also consider paying the entire amount of your trip at once in Rands. You will then no longer have a price risk.

Banks use a “bid and let” rate. They publish the price that is the average of that “bid and let” price. The moment you make a payment you will receive the most unfavorable rate for you. This is approximately 1.5% lower than the published rate. Credit card companies always have an unfavorable rate for you. They often charge an additional price surcharge that can be as high as 2%.
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