Unfortunately, the Dutch plugs do not work in South Africa. In South Africa, a 3-point socket is used.
Most guesthouses do have an adapter plug that you can borrow, but the most convenient (and cheapest) is to buy an adapter plug in the supermarket or do it yourself store for a few euros (around 30 Rand). Ask for a two point plug in the supermarket if you cannot find them yourself.

Please note: the world plug that you can buy in the Netherlands usually does not fit on the South African sockets! The sockets in South Africa are of the Type M:

This type of plug is also used in Botswana. However, there are also places where a 3-point socket with elongated holes is used, this so-called UK plug can be found on a world plug.

Image result for uk plugsUK plug

In Zimbabwe, mainly UK plugs are used, but sometimes South African (type M).
Namibia also uses the South African plugs.
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