Water restriction

The Western Cape of South Africa has serious water shortages. Everything is being done to resolve this, but the persistent drought has a major impact on the Western Cape and possibly also on your journey. Keep this in mind if you are traveling in the Western Cape. More information below.

The water level of the dams is so low that water restrictions have been implemented in the Western Cape. These have recently been changed to level 5. This means that only 87 liters of water per person in a household can be used per day. In February 2018, these restrictions will become even stricter and there will be a maximum of 50 liters per day.

To put this in perspective: a short 5-minute shower uses around 50 liters of water. Flushing the toilet also costs 9-11 liters of water. Run another washing machine and you are at your limit for the day.

Other rules that come with a level 5 water restriction (unless you have a borehole):
  • jacuzzis and swimming pools may not be refilled
  • it is not allowed to water your garden
  • it is not allowed to wash your car

Although we are working hard on solutions, this can take several years. This can also affect your journey during your holiday. For example, it is not permitted to wash your car in some areas. Your rental car may therefore be handed over to you more dirty than you may be used to. Some swimming pools and jacuzzis will be closed, gardens will not look as nice as they could, etc.

Everyone is requested to think along and work in this large water shortage. If you travel in the Western Cape, keep this in mind and try to save as much water as possible where possible.

If you do not like the above, consider visiting one of the many other beautiful provinces of South Africa. Feel free to ask us for advice.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation with these water restrictions during your trip in South Africa

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