Martin’s Drift

One of the border posts between South Africa and Botswana is Martin’s Drift (note: the same border post is known in South Africa as Groblersbrug). The border is formed by the Limpopo river and you cross it with a bridge. The border post is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., however, we recommend that you avoid driving in the dark and therefore reach the border in time. The roads in both South Africa and Botswana that lead to this border post are regularly traversed by cows, goats, donkeys and game, so pay attention especially when it is dark.

As with every border post, it is forbidden to bring firearms and drugs across the border, alcohol and tobacco are allowed to a limited extent (2 liters of wine, 1 liter of spirits). Fresh vegetables, milk and eggs may not be imported and meat is not (always) allowed due to foot-and-mouth disease prevention among cattle (this is also what the cattle fences that you will regularly pass through in Botswana are for).

You get a free tourist visa (stamp in your passport) when you cross the border, this visa is valid for 1 month but extension to 90 days is possible. When you cross a border with a (rental) car, it is important that you take all the papers from the car and insurance with you, as well as a paper that states that you can drive the car (for example, the lease from the rental company or a letter from the owner of the car). You are required to have a warning triangle in the car (preferably two) and the car must have a country sticker (‘ZA’ if it concerns a South African car).

Apart from the border post and a gas station with a shop immediately after the border, there is nothing to do here. Behind the gas station is a lodge (Kwa Nokeng) with a simple campsite for those who want to spend the night or you can drive on to an accommodation in Palapye for example.
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