Ghanzi is a place in the west of Botswana and is also called the ‘capital of the Kalahari’, in 2011 this town had more than 12,000 inhabitants. The farmers here mainly contribute to the beef industry in Botswana, agriculture is very difficult given the dry soil.

For tourists there is not much to do in Ghanzi, there is a gas station, supermarket and a bank and you can spend the night and dinner at the Kalahari Arms Hotel or at a (simple) lodge. Ghanzi is in particular a base for visiting the Kalahari and a stop for tourists in transit to the Okavango Delta (from Buitenpos in Namibia to Maun).

In the middle of the African summer (January) the maximum temperature here is between 32 and 45 degrees. In the winter the average temperature during the day is around 22 degrees, but at night it can cool down considerably and even freeze a few degrees on the ground. Rainfall is difficult to predict and that makes it very difficult to grow crops.

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