Gweta is a small village in Botswana about 200 kilometers from Maun and 100 kilometers from Nata. Gweta is sometimes called the ‘gateway to the Makgadikgadi Pans’.

In the area around Gweta you can find a number of beautiful Baobabs that can actually be counted as national monuments. Greens Baobab is located 27 kilometers south of Gweta, in which Joseph Green and Hendrik Matthys van Zyl, among others, already made inscriptions in the 19th century. If you drive another 11 kilometers, you will arrive at Chapman’s Baobab, which is more impressive than the first mentioned. The circumference of the Chapman’s Baobab trunk is no less than 25 meters and the tree served as a navigation beacon (landmark) in earlier years. This tree also has inscriptions from traders and travelers from earlier years.

There are a number of Gweta accommodations such as Gweta Lodge and the campsite and accommodations at Planet Baobab on the road between Nata and Maun (the entrance is opposite the large aardvark that stands along the road).

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