Mountain Zebra National Park

The Mountain Zebra National Park is a not too large park of approximately 6,500 ha and is located in the Eastern Cape province at 12 kilometers from the picturesque town of Cradock. It was established in 1937 to protect the Cape Mountain zebra because there were only six of these zebras left in the 1930s. Meanwhile, things are going well again, there are currently around 300 zebras in the park. The Cape Mountain Zebra is clearly recognizable by its orange blaze on the head and a narrower and clearer pattern of stripes than the regular zebra. The Cape Zebra is still rare to this day.

The park offers a lot of variety with steep heights, large plains and deep valleys. It is therefore an attractive area for the Cape Mountain Zebra. You have a magnificent view of the Karoo in various places. The climate is warm and dry with rain that falls mainly at the beginning of the summer. The winter months are generally cold with regular snow in the higher areas. In the spring and after good rain, the wild flowers start to flower spectacularly.

Not only zebras live in the park but also the black rhino, Cape buffalo, African buffalo, red hartebeest, moose, kudu, gnu, springbok, hyena and cheetah. At the end of April 2013, after a period of 130 years, lions can also be found in the area again! The lions are needed in the area to maintain the natural eco-system and to prevent too many large herbivores living in the park.

The reserve has numerous and especially very beautiful birds, including different species of eagles and buzzards, the secretary bird, crane, woodpecker, lark, mountain spout, honey detective etc.
Numerous birds are here because of the many trees and shrubs with fruits and berries. The wild peach and olive trees, the noble woods and the flowers blooming in every possible color are a wonderful sight in the spring.

General information

– There is a la Carte Restaurant, which also serves small refreshments.
– There is a shop with souvenirs and basic needs
– There are 2 picnic areas with braai facilities in the park
– Swimming pool for guests staying in the park
– There is a barbecue and toilet facilities for day visitors
– Petrol and diesel are available in the camp


– You can easily drive around here looking for animals.
– You can use walks or tours with a guide, all activities have a minimum participation of 2 people and a maximum of 9 people. For the walks you put on neutral clothing (no white or black clothing) and walking shoes. Game drives can be booked in the morning or afternoon / evening, minimum age 6 years. Walks in the morning, minimum age 6 years.
– Salpeterkop hike
– Cheetah tracking where you first have to search for the signal with a car and then head out further on foot! minimum age 12 years.
– San Cave Paintings, visit these drawings with a guide in the morning, minimum age 6 years.

Conservation Fees: the South African National Park administration has set a daily entrance fee (entrance fee) for all individual SAN parks. If you are going to visit several SAN parks in South Africa then it may be useful to purchase a Wildcard.

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