Welgevonden Game Reserve

To the north of Johannesburg, near the town of Vaalwater, you will find Welgevonden Game Reserve, part of the Waterberg region that UNESCO declared Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in 2001. The area is known for the wide variety of vegetation, you will find endless open fields with low vegetation, but also beautiful wooded hills with rivers, valleys and gorges. A breathtaking place to visit during your vacation in South Africa.

Welgevonden is a 37,000 hectare private game reserve and started in 1993. Leopards were already naturally living in the area at that time, and lions, elephants, white rhinos, buffalo and a number of special types of antelopes such as the gemsbok and sable were reintroduced. The area therefore has the Big Five and is one of the private game reserves with the largest population of white rhinos in Africa, which increases the chance of seeing them. There are also 45 other species in the area such as giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, hippos, elk, blue wildebeest, ibex, kudu, klipspringers, jackals, monkeys and the rare brown hyena. In addition, there are more than 250 different bird species including the rare blue crane that you can spot in the reserve.

Only a limited number of visitors are allowed and it is not allowed to drive around in the reserve with their own car, so the disturbance of nature is kept as small as possible. This also means that when you visit the reserve, you will experience the ‘only in the midst of wildlife and nature’ feeling.

The temperature in the reserve is on average as follows: the winter months of May to July are dry and have a temperature of a maximum of 22.3 and a minimum of 2.6 degrees, it can freeze on the ground at night. From August to October the temperature is already higher with minimum and maximum between 8.6 and 27.6. In general, it is still dry these months, but a single thunderstorm can occur. The wet summer season runs from November to April and has the highest temperatures; between 14.5 and 29.3 degrees on average. The reserve can be visited throughout the year and is malaria free.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful nature, game drives and relaxing at your lodge, you can also view stars and planets with an 8 inch telescope under the guidance of an expert ‘sky-ranger’.
There are a number of beautiful luxury lodges in the reserve where you can stay.
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