uKhalamba Drakensberg park

The spectacular uKhahlamba-Drakensberg National Park, with an area of 243,000 ha, has the highest and longest mountain range in South Africa. There are mountain tops that reach more than 3,000 meters. uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park is located in the west of Kwazulu Natal province, on the border with the small country of Lesotho. You can reach the park in approximately 4-5 hours from Johannesburg and 2-3 hours from Durban.

The park is subdivided into several reserves where you can encounter many endangered plant and animal species. One of these reserves is Giants Castle Game Reserve where the endangered bearded vulture (or bearded vulture) and many moose occur. More to the north you will find the Royal Natal National Park, which is best known for its impressive amphitheater.

Hikers, mountain bikers, mountain and rock climbers can enjoy days in the remote valleys, steep rocks, sandstone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, rocky trails and mist-covered forests. At the entrances to the park, the information center and often also at the accommodations you can buy a guide with the walking routes. The routes vary in length and duration and are therefore suitable for everyone.

Until about mid-19th century, the San population (bushmen) lived here in the basalt caves. Their petroglyphs, of both people and animals, show how they lived. You will find these petroglyphs in many places in South Africa, but they are nowhere as well preserved as in the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. Visit the Cannibal Cave or Sigubudu Shelter for a large collection of rock art. The park has been on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2000.

The climate can be called mild throughout the year during the day. High in the mountains, the temperature can drop considerably at night. In the winter (May to September) there is a chance of heavy snowfall. Always keep an eye on the weather in the mountains, as thunderstorms or thick fog can occur quickly. Always bring warm clothing when you visit the park. There are various places to spend the night at campsites, in mountain huts, chalets or even in the caves.

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