The northern part of the Kruger National Park is located in the Limpopo Province (formerly known as the Northern Province). The nearest airport is close to Phalaborwa, a place that is also known for its open copper mine, the largest in Africa.
To the south, the Waterberg form an area rich in streams, springs, swamps and an abundant bird life. The steep rocks and impressive rock formations of the southern slopes of the Water Mountains provide excellent opportunities for mountain sports. Further to the north you reach the Soutpansberg, with their impressive blue slopes densely overgrown with forests. At the foot of the hills lies the picturesque town of Machado (Louis Trichardt) in one of the nicest regions of the country.

Various population groups live in the province, each with its own rich culture. The Venda, which inhabit the eastern part of the Soutpansberg, are very superstitious and attach great importance to rites and rituals. The Northern Sotho live in communities throughout the Limpopo Province. The famous Rain Queen Modadji still lives on in this area. In the center lies the lively capital Polokwane (Pietersburg) – the industrial and commercial heart of Groot Limpopo.

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