Travelstory of Mrs. van Toor

Hi Ester,

Sorry, have not yet returned to the fantastic holiday we have had.

Everything was arranged perfectly and everywhere it was well looked after and everyone was extremely friendly. We will certainly advertise your organization.

Our last stay was in Gordon Bay at “Bloemenzee”. We received this through friends and you did not know this yourself. The location was nice but very honest, we found it less than all the accommodations that we had. The couple was extremely friendly and Mr. des Huizes was a chef (had their own restaurant in A’foort) and we have 2x delicious at their dinner, breakfast was also from the art however we found that we had little privacy on the upper floor.

Small balcony which overflowed to the neighbors. When you sat on your balcony (neatly), you were looking downstairs for them. Downstairs they had 2 garden rooms and they looked good at least then you had a nice extension to the garden.

To conclude our holiday it was a bit of a disappointment for us after all those other great accommodations. Eating there is definitely worth it.

Thank you again for the good care and arranging our accommodations. Very nice to have met you and your team in Franschhoek.

Good business and goodbye.