Travelstory of Mrs. Devijver

Hello Ester,

it was another very successful trip and everything was well organized: the pick up at the airports, the bookings, the excursions from Cape Town, …

The tour through Zululand, Swaziland, Mozambique and Kruger is a must (but do not count on luxurious accommodation): stand on a bush walk with 2 rhinos, a little lower 12 hippos and see a crocodile from a jeep 6 admire lions, see a crowd of elephants walk by and then there are also giraffes, zebras, all kinds of antelopes, buffalo, …

And the beaches in Mozambique, the trip with a dhow, a visit to an island were also worth the effort!

The trip from Cape Town to spot whales (and seen a lot) in Kleinbaai was well organized and definitely recommended (even though it was very early to get up) and I also enjoyed the two-day trip to the Cedar Mountains.

In short, it was fantastic again and I am already looking forward to next year?