Travelstory of Mr. and Mrs. Schouman


You have asked us about the experiences with you and whether we can tell something about our trip and add some photos.

First of all we want to report that the service from you and from us from Jody in particular is excellent. Continue like this !!

We have rented a Nissan P 300 rooftop tent 4 WD through you at Britz. The service and friendliness was also very pleasant with them.

We have rented the car for 15 days and have driven some 3400 km.
The nice thing about our trip was that we didn’t make any bookings and were driven away in the old fashioned way. First night we arrived at Enjo Nature Farm near Wupertal. For € 9.great place, fantastic views and nice owner. So nice that we stayed a day longer.

From there the next day to Wupertal (the nicest sleepy village) on to Noordoewer just across the Namibia border. Drive through Aussenkehr beautiful route to Hobas restcamp.

Hobas camp was not reachable by phone but they had plenty of space, nice campsite, new swimming pool, new restaurant, hardly any WiFi or 3 / 4G range, so know that you are really in the outback! In 10 km you are at the beautiful views of the Fishriver Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world.What a beautiful place !!! Both sunset and sunrise (make sure you get there before 6:00 am). Both beautiful, with sunrise almost no one is there.

Instead of having a nice breakfast at the canyon! Baked, yogurt added, fantastic !!

It is also nice to take a look past The Roadhouse just past Hobas on the way to Keetmanshoop in the route 66-like open-air museum of vintage cars.A bit commercial yet cozy.

In Keetmanshoop slept at Quivertree Restcamp or the Kokerboomwoud. Igloo huts (!?) And excellent campsite. You stand between the tube trees.

Then we drive towards Mata Mata to visit Kgadigadi NP. Again we had no booking so at the Namibian border post they ask if we have a reservation. No.

Then walk across the border to the reception of the park without a car and ask if they still have space. That works but we are lucky, so it is advisable to book this park in advance!

Then wandered through this beautiful park for 3 days, 3 nights at the campsite and park fees cost us a total of € 180, so an average of € 60 per night.
Mata Mata, Nosseb and Tweerivieren were our campsites. Perfect with a distance of 160 km. Mata Mata is favorite because of many animals at waterhole.

After 3 fantastic days via Tweerivieren leaving the NP and via Upington (not fascinating) slept in Springbok. The following day ends in (TIP!) Gecko Wilderness Lodge 28 km past Clanwilliam.

The road to it even on the N 7 is usually beautiful! 3 days stuck at Gecko (good wifi at Lappa no power at campsite and or cottage)

Drive back via the coast Paternoster and Langenbaan. Lunch at Pearlies in Langenbaan !! Then we drove back in Cape Town around Kalkbay, Simonstown, Chapmans Peak. Wonderful days and good restaurants that you have to book well in advance such as The Potluckclub, The Shortmarketclub.

Wonderful trip !! Extra tip: buy a sim card from Vodacom South Africa / Namibia instead of the Garmin GPS that you can rent. Go and find your own routes on Google Maps. The Garmins that you rent can just find Cape Town !!!!

The car is very complete but I still miss the blue camping plug and a long extension cord.

We have had a great holiday thanks to the help of you!
Next time Chobe NP is on the program!

I hope you and future customers have a good idea of our trip.

Greetings from The Hague, HollandRam & Aranea