Travelstory of Family de Boer


Dear Ester,

We would like to contribute to a nice reference for your site.

Our last trip through you we drove 2500 km with a very comfortable Toyota Fortuner.

We drove from Johannesburg to the Drakensberg, Swaziland, St Lucia, Durban. We have visited 7 beautiful and diverse Lodges.
Hazyvieuw —– Rissington IN, beautifully situated, private swimming pool, super sweet staff, great food, atmospheric dining.

Rooms / chalet very clean and comfortable. Then on to SWaziland, Hlane, Ndlovu Camp, house without electricity, waterhole view


the animals, hippos in the water, showering under a tree, and a game drive with your own transport. Beautiful campfire at your house. seen many rhinos. Roads in Swaziland are very bad. Allow an average of 1.5 to 2 hours extra travel time.

Then to Kosi Forest, Received by staff with drink.

Super friendly staff, beautiful pool with a view of the hippos in the lake. The bathrooms of the tents are great, showering and in bath outside, monkeys on your roof. In the dark the paths are beautifully lit by torches. Food is great and atmospheric. Making Duku yourself is very tasty.


Activities, canoeing, hiking are very worthwhile. Afterwards through St Lucia, Umlilo lodge. We didn’t find this lodge really African, we would not recommend it.

Beautiful beaches, Cape Vidal, but also beaches closer by.Wild park visited with own car, doable and seen a lot.
Activity: river cruise, many hippos and crocodiles seen.

Then to Rhino River Lodge:
Received by 2 cute warthogs Sizzle and peanut.
View is really beautiful, food delicious, super friendly staff. Rangers are very knowledgeable.
The game drives are beautiful, especially evening drives. After the drive, sit together by the campfire and exchange stories.
Atmosphere is very relaxed. Then on to Antbear: Super nice location, very different landscape, very relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful houses with fireplace.

The combination of staff and volunteers is special. Super friendly. All people really love this place.
Horseback riding, walking very worthwhile. We have also done a balloon trip here. Started in the front garden of the Lodge. Great experience ….. highly recommended.

What we particularly like to book through you is the feeling that you are keeping an eye on things. Where we are what we do etc. The phone call from Ester to inquire about how the balloon trip was, we found very nice.
But also that we can reach you at times when that is necessary.

Of course we hope that you can do something with this report. We have seen and done so much that you cannot really summarize that.

If you have any questions about this mail, you can always email us.