Travelstory of Family Meester

Dear Mr.Stevens and Mrs. Hermans,

We really enjoyed our beautiful trip to South Africa! The intention was to give my mother of 70 (who has never been outside Europe and last flown 10 years ago) a comfortable and special time. This has more than succeeded in all respects!

I would like to thank you very much for choosing the fantastic locations and guesthouses. The gentlemen of Pictures Guesthouse in Oudtshoorn in particular have a special place in our hearts 🙂 But also the safaris in Botlierskop have left an indelible impression, especially with my mother. The pace and the distances of the trip also pleased very well.

The only incident during this trip was a flat tire on the busy N2 25 km before our destination in Cape Town, where Europcar was initially unwilling to come and help us. We had to change the tire ourselves, which was impossible in the soft shoulder and with wall-mounted screw caps.

Fortunately, a police officer was quickly on the spot and no longer left our side, as we were apparently in a dangerous place (read: townships).

After 1.5 hours (it was getting dark already) and again by telephone contact, Europcar came with a new rental car. I just wanted to report this to you, because I don’t know how your experience is normally with Europcar.

All in all, however, the holiday has been a very positive and valuable experience for us, and very special to have this experience with my mother. The very pleasant contact with Mrs. Hermans prior to our trip, ensured that we could start our journey fully prepared and relaxed. Thanks again for this!

We will definitely recommend South Africa Specialist to family, friends and acquaintances!